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Careers at ARA

Each year, ARA employs qualified student interns to work on archaeological projects throughout Ontario. Unlike archaeology in the movies, the work is seldom glamorous. Archaeological work is physically demanding. Working out-of-doors means exposure to the elements and biting insects; frequently in isolated and sometimes challenging conditions.

At the same time the archaeologist occasionally has an opportunity unavailable to others - to be the first to discover and retrieve artifacts last used by people that came before us by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. It is through these artifacts and other evidence preserved in the record of the past, that their experiences come to life once again.

If the prospect of a career in archaeology holds some appeal for you, please feel free to send us your resume. Employment enquiries should be directed to:

Tyler Krajcar

Ph: (519) 804-2291 ext. 152

Fx: (519) 286-0493